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A wine tasting dance with a handsome stranger

I just had the most restful night ever. I can’t even remember the last time I had such a good night of sleep with such vivid dreams.

The first dream I remember was in a theater. There was going to be a play there in a few minutes, and we were going from backstage to the stage and to the part were the seats are. I can’t remember who was the man with me, but I know we were together. Once we reached the steps going down he pulled me to him and said something. It was a silly conversation and I won’t bother you with it, but it was nice.

Then we were in a restaurant. I have a feeling we were in Italy, for some reason. I can’t be sure, but I know for sure it was not here or anywhere I’ve ever been. There was a man, probably the same from the theater but I could see him a little better now. He had dark hair, a beautiful smile, and a nice chin. I know, I know, most people couldn’t care less about chins but I like them. Anyway, we were standing next to his table where there were several people, mostly women. He grabbed a bottle of wine, a special wine, and poured me a glass. He handed me the glass and I saw women looking at him as if they wanted him. I didn’t feel like they were jealous of me, but that they certainly wanted him and his attention. I remember laughing. He started dancing with me and I told him to slow down so I could drink the wine and that I had to smell it first. And I can still remember how good the wine tasted.


Cheers to good dreams and strangers making us smile!
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Wine Ice Cream? Yes, please!


Why didn’t I know about this sooner?

Anyway, apparently this is not available everywhere, only in a few places. Yes, they do ship, but it’s a bit pricey then. However, I’m hopeful they’ll start selling this in more places very soon. Hopefully close to where I live; that’d be awesome.

Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream come in different flavors and they have a 5% alcohol content and 210 to 310 calories per 1/2 cup. The flavors are:

Cherry Merlot: Mercer’s premium ice cream with Bordeaux cherries blended with a Merlot wine recognized for its plum and black cherry undertones.

Chocolate Cabernet: Mercer’s premium chocolate ice cream with bits of bittersweet chocolate blended with a Cabernet wine filled with dried cherry & cassis notes.

Peach White Zinfandel: Mercer’s premium ice cream with fresh peaches blended with a White Zinfandel wine distinguished for its fruity undertones and pleasant finish.

Port: Mercer’s premium ice cream blended with an award-winning Ruby Port wine appreciated for its rich, heavily-bodied flavor.

Red Raspberry Chardonnay: Mercer’s premium ice cream blended with raspberry sauce and a Chardonnay wine known for its delicate vanilla nose and buttery smooth taste.

Riesling: Mercer’s premium ice cream blended with a Riesling wine prized for its fruity, crisp refreshing quality.


I honestly can’t decide which one to try first. I just want to try them all. Have you tried them? Are they as delicious as they sound?

If you don’t know where to find them, you can use this map provided by Mercer’s.

And no, I don’t work for them, I’m not being paid to say any of this, I haven’t tried their ice cream (although I’d love to!) and had never even heard of them before (until today).


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