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What’s my motivation?

Lately I haven’t had much time to read all the blogs I follow. Part of it is because I follow several blogs and there’s not enough free time on my days to allow me to read them all. But most of it is because I’m trying to focus my energy on my own writing. So what I usually do is pick a few of them to read each time.

Today I stumbled upon a blog post on Legends Undying called What’s My Motivation? It talks about plot, which is something I talked about a couple of days ago. It talks about a book I have not read yet, but it got me interested in it.

Anyway, here’s a little story by @VeryShortStory to start your week with the right foot:


Have a great week!


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Meet the author

Photo courtesy of Jennifer D. Scroggins

I’ve recently found out one of my online friends is an author.

First time I met her was when I read one of the many Dear Roger letters. Those are letters she writes to her dead uncle telling him about her life. I like the idea because then you can actually picture someone when you’re writing something. So I read some of her letters but since I saw them on tumblr and it was always hard to find anything there (too many updates all the time) I kind of lost track of her.

Time passed and I found her on twitter through a common friend and we started talking. I always love when we have a chance to chat over there. Hilarious conversations. She’s an odd one, which is one of the reasons why I always love talking to her.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer D. Scroggins

And just a few days ago I found out she’s an author. I finally found her blog A Modern Calamity and saw the video she made about herself and her books. She published two books already: Drifts and The Face In The Rear View Mirror. First I saw they were kindle editions and since I’m not a fan of them (I like holding the book in my hands), I started searching and found paperbacks. When you search for them on Amazon you see the kindle ones first, and it’s not that easy to find the paperbacks. Shut up, it’s not! But I found them. And bought them (finally!). And now I can’t wait to read them.

Since I can’t tell you anything about the books (since I haven’t read them yet) I’ll leave you with a video of the author talking them. And about herself and where she finds inspiration for her writing. Watch the video and then go buy a copy of her books.

P.S.: If you’re still not convinced, you can go on Amazon and can click on the book to take a look inside. Or read the reviews from people who actually read them.

Update: You can check her author’s page on Facebook.


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To condone, or not to condone: that is the question.

To condone means to overlook and accept as harmless a behavior considered immoral or wrong. It means to make allowances for a bad behavior without criticism.

When someone behaves in a certain way, a way you do not approve of or you feel it’s not appropriate, and you do nothing about it, you’re allowing it to happen. You’re looking the other way and pretending you didn’t see it. Therefore, when you’re lenient with objectionable behavior, you condone it. When you condone bad behavior, you allow it to take place.

If you condone dishonesty in the company you keep, what’s to stop you from becoming untruthful yourself? After all, we are known by the company we keep. And nowadays, with technology and all, we’re also known by the ones we choose to follow or befriend online. If you choose to follow a certain twitter account or a certain blog, and you allow that person to behave a certain way and say the things that person wants without doing anything about it, what does that say about you?

Be careful what kind of behavior you condone. Because that shows your character. And character is everything.

Be careful what you think…
Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your character
Your character is everything


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Zombie apocalypse. Because you can never be too prepared for it.

First of all, if you’re thinking the zombie apocalypse won’t come, that’s actually pretty great. You’ll be unprepared and I won’t have to feel bad for tripping you. Hey, it’s a matter of survival. I need to buy me some time, after all. But I do apologize in advance for having to shoot you in the head. I will have to. For your own good.

Anyway, after seeing The Bloggess talking about the zombie apocalypse on CNN, I just had to write about it. Because, come on, everyone can see there’s a great need to be prepared for the it. Only the news lady could laugh at such an important matter. The CDC has already talked about how to prepare for it, and even Fox News and The Washington Post talked about it. Because, they know it’s coming.

There are even scientific reasons for the zombie apocalypse, such as brain parasites or neurotoxins, and not even the most skeptical person can argue with science. In fact, there’s probably a scientist out there, mixing rabies with an old meatloaf and feeding it to a gorilla right now as you read this. But whatever the cause is, we’ll still need to be prepared.

So learn how to put together a survival kit and a few other tricks that could be useful. Don’t forget to always wear seatbelts and always check the back seat. Be sure to practice using your weapon of choice beforehand. And document everything. Because one day people will want to know where were you during the zombie apocalypse. You wouldn’t want to forget the details to that. Trust me.

Because if you're ready for the zombie apocalypse, then you're ready for any emergency.

I really think schools should start doing zombie apocalypse drills. Until then, we can certainly do our own.

P.S.: Although it’s not the zombie apocalypse yet, I’m currently getting ready for a tornado. I’ll be pretending I’m hiding from zombies. It will be way more fun that way. Just not so bloody, I hope.


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Let’s face it, without the internet, I’d go crazy!

Have you ever stopped to think about how much our lives depend on the internet right now? Okay, I know I’m a little too addicted to it, but still, internet is an amazing thing.

I was watching videos today and got to a love letter to the internet Jenny made a while ago, and it made me think about how much I love the internet. It’s not only the place where all my friends and family live in, but it’s so much more. The internet is where I go to seek information, to know what’s going on in the world, to ask questions, to find out about things that bother me and keep me awake at night. It’s also the place where I go when my head spins so fast and I need a little break. I turn to the internet to laugh and relax, and also to search for inspiration.

Lately, the internet also became a communication tool, allowing me to talk to people I never even met in person. There are lots of people I have met online with whom I somehow communicate, either through twitter or through blog posts. Thanks to the internet I get to know what they like or dislike and we have crazy wonderful conversations. Seriously, I never thought I’d have such great conversations on twitter with people I don’t even know. It’s funny to talk to someone and don’t even know what they look like or how old they are. I love this. It’s liberating. I feel free to say whatever crosses my mind without being judged, because on the internet there’s always someone else who thinks just like me, and who makes me feel like I’m not the only one.

So, however not all of you here are as addicted as I am to the internet, I know there’s at least one more person who will read this and think “I’m not the only one.” So to all of you reading this, no, we are not alone. Whatever it is that you’re thinking at the moment, there’s at least one more person on this planet who’s thinking the same crazy thing. And that’s pretty wonderful, in my opinion.


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