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Music Time with Kate Micucci

Maybe to you she’s Sabrina’s cousin, Shelly. Maybe she’s Stephanie Gooch. Or maybe she’s Oates. But now I want to talk about Kate Micucci and her music.

Micucci not only plays the ukulele, but also builds sand castles. Not kidding, they pay her to do that. Who’d have guessed you can make money building sand castles? Not me. But her comedic vein, apparent in her lyrics, is what draws me to her. She lives in L.A., so I haven’t had a chance to see her perform live, but thanks to technology, and YouTube, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to enjoy her shows.

Some of the songs I enjoy the most are Dear Deer (a letter to the deer in Pennsylvania to stay away from the woods or her dad will kill them), Walking in Los Angeles, Only Begun, and Out the door. They are the kind of songs that can put a smile on your face. Unless you’re picturing the dead deer, then you better not be smiling. That’d be wrong. Anyway, so here’s one of my favorites, Taking Chances:

People are weird,
They’re getting weirder
Look in the mirror-
It’s not much clearer.
Try to be good in the end.
Find your reflection, my friend,
And soon you will see it’s a good day for you

‘Cause it’s time for taking chances,
Whatever may be.
Find out what romance is,
And in the end you’ll see…

The video is from her show, Playing with Micucci. Amit Itelman is the guy playing with her.

P.S.: Okay, I just read that last line and I can see where I went wrong, but it’s a comedy show. Seriously. As serious as you can be when talking about a comedy show called Playing with Micucci anyway.


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