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If I were John Cusack I’d build Robot Spiders.

A few weeks ago Jenny, a.k.a. The Bloggess, invited everyone on the internet to a party in her bathroom. Her friends’ band, Dr. Pants, was going to do a set in her bathroom and broadcast it live (you can watch the webcast here), so we could all enjoy it from the comfort of our own couch. Or bathroom. Your choice, really. It was the #pantsdance party. Nothing unusual there. Well, unless you’re not familiar with her. Or twitter. If you’re familiar with twitter I doubt something like this would sound weird to you.

Since I didn’t really know the band, I decided to check a few of the songs she mentioned. By the names of some of them I was already intrigued. Who would like a song called “If I were John Cusack“? Which, by the way, was the first song I listen to. And  that was all it took for me to want more.

So I checked their website, found out more about them, and even got a feel free songs. Oh, yeah, they have songs you can download for free from their website. And you can also just click on the songs and listen to them right there. For free, y’all! But careful, because once you start, you’ll want more. It’s like when drug dealers give you a sample for you to try for free just so you’ll get hooked and spend all your money on their stuff. At least that’s what I’ve heard, anyway. Apparently I walk around with the wrong crowd, since no one have ever offered me drugs, free or otherwise.

But if you ask my opinion, music is the best kind of drug there is. Oh, and Dr. Pants is releasing a new EP 4/28, which I can’t wait to hear. But until then we can just listen to Robot Spiders right here:

And yes, that is the link to download Robot Spiders for free. *winks*


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