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Now you’re just somebody that I used to know

Somebody That I Used To Know is a song by Belgian-Australian singer and songwriter Gotye. It’s part of his third studio album Making Mirrors, and features New Zealand singer Kimbra. The song, written by Gotye, talks about his experiences with relationships.

Then, Canadian indie band Walk off the Earth made this cover of Gotye’s song:

Update: Ellen found out they all had only one guitar and gave each of them their very own.


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Music Time with Kate Micucci

Maybe to you she’s Sabrina’s cousin, Shelly. Maybe she’s Stephanie Gooch. Or maybe she’s Oates. But now I want to talk about Kate Micucci and her music.

Micucci not only plays the ukulele, but also builds sand castles. Not kidding, they pay her to do that. Who’d have guessed you can make money building sand castles? Not me. But her comedic vein, apparent in her lyrics, is what draws me to her. She lives in L.A., so I haven’t had a chance to see her perform live, but thanks to technology, and YouTube, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to enjoy her shows.

Some of the songs I enjoy the most are Dear Deer (a letter to the deer in Pennsylvania to stay away from the woods or her dad will kill them), Walking in Los Angeles, Only Begun, and Out the door. They are the kind of songs that can put a smile on your face. Unless you’re picturing the dead deer, then you better not be smiling. That’d be wrong. Anyway, so here’s one of my favorites, Taking Chances:

People are weird,
They’re getting weirder
Look in the mirror-
It’s not much clearer.
Try to be good in the end.
Find your reflection, my friend,
And soon you will see it’s a good day for you

‘Cause it’s time for taking chances,
Whatever may be.
Find out what romance is,
And in the end you’ll see…

The video is from her show, Playing with Micucci. Amit Itelman is the guy playing with her.

P.S.: Okay, I just read that last line and I can see where I went wrong, but it’s a comedy show. Seriously. As serious as you can be when talking about a comedy show called Playing with Micucci anyway.


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Music Time with Plastique

It’s music time! Oh, yeah!

The band from today’s post is a rock band from London called Plastique. They describe themselves as two Brazilians and a Brit who got together to make music.

Fabio Couto, Anelise Kunz, and Gabriel Ralls

Their sound is pretty cool. I like Stand Still, Heaven Falls, Butterflies, and so on. Girl of Prey it’s pretty awesome, and it’s one of my favorites, but my number one is still A Paper Cut From A Paper Kiss. Maybe because it was the first one I’ve listened to, I don’t know. In any case, here’s the song. Enjoy.

I’m not getting younger
I’m twenty-nine and I’m full of shit
Did you expect some kind of remorse?
A paper cut from a paper kiss
I’d say we’re more than even

P.S.: Right now they have a competition called The Plastique Butterflies Easter Egg Hunt and you can win a free album, you should check it out.


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The Trip, Side 3: Watching the World End, by Dr. Pants

Remember when I said I couldn’t wait to listen to Dr. Pants’ new EP? Well, I can’t say that anymore, because I just listened to the whole EP! They sent it to me (for free y’all) so I could listen to and review it. They had no idea who I was or if I’d ever give them a good review. What can I say? They have good hearts and an inexplicable faith in others.

Well, let me introduce you the band first. Ta-da:

Dr. Pants. Caught with their pants on.

Dr. Pants is David Broyles, Dustin Ragland, Kenneth Murray, and Devin Donaldson. They’re an Oklahoma City-based band, and they describe their sound as Nerd Power Groove Rock. In their words: “Weezer and Beck made a baby with Phish, and that baby is Dr. Pants.” Watching the World End is the third EP of a four-part series entitled THE TRIP. The first two ones are The Trip, Side 1: Illusion & Truth (2011), and The Trip, Side 2: Breaking the Feel (2011). And hopefully won’t be long till they’re able to give us the fourth part.

But let’s talk music. I caught myself singing Robot Spiders‘ chorus yesterday in front of little kids who were eyeing me like I had grown a third head or something. Yes, third, because the second I’ve grown a long time ago, apparently. But what can I say? That song has a catchy chorus. However, that’s not what I like about their sound. What I like the most are their lyrics. They are witty and just fun to listen to. Now, although you can’t let you listen to all of the songs in the new EP yet, I can give you clues to what you’ll encounter.

Imagine a world where Tattoo Ted builds Robot Spiders, engineered to kill and replace the human race. He enjoys his instrumental Collections and doesn’t want No Funkies in here, because they smell really bad and drink all your beer. He wonders why Natalie, the girl he passes in the hallway, wants to be so mean to him. And when a hurricane starts, he makes the connection Dog -> Hurricane and wonders if his dog’s tail is the cause of it. But in the end, all he wants is someone to say “Baby, I Am Yours,” to and have her sit with him to watch the world end.

And I know, it will make a lot more sense after you have a chance to actually listen to the songs. So don’t fret, because April 28th, the EP’s release date, is just around the corner, and then you won’t feel as lost. For now I leave you with Sarsaparilla Girl. Enjoy.

Fun fact: The music video for their song Sarsaparilla Girl was one of the world’s first shot entirely on the iPhone 4, and has been viewed more than 61,000 times on YouTube.

P.S.: You can buy their music directly from their website. But I can offer you, thanks to Dr. Pants, a free download of Robot Spiders. How cool is that?


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If I were John Cusack I’d build Robot Spiders.

A few weeks ago Jenny, a.k.a. The Bloggess, invited everyone on the internet to a party in her bathroom. Her friends’ band, Dr. Pants, was going to do a set in her bathroom and broadcast it live (you can watch the webcast here), so we could all enjoy it from the comfort of our own couch. Or bathroom. Your choice, really. It was the #pantsdance party. Nothing unusual there. Well, unless you’re not familiar with her. Or twitter. If you’re familiar with twitter I doubt something like this would sound weird to you.

Since I didn’t really know the band, I decided to check a few of the songs she mentioned. By the names of some of them I was already intrigued. Who would like a song called “If I were John Cusack“? Which, by the way, was the first song I listen to. And  that was all it took for me to want more.

So I checked their website, found out more about them, and even got a feel free songs. Oh, yeah, they have songs you can download for free from their website. And you can also just click on the songs and listen to them right there. For free, y’all! But careful, because once you start, you’ll want more. It’s like when drug dealers give you a sample for you to try for free just so you’ll get hooked and spend all your money on their stuff. At least that’s what I’ve heard, anyway. Apparently I walk around with the wrong crowd, since no one have ever offered me drugs, free or otherwise.

But if you ask my opinion, music is the best kind of drug there is. Oh, and Dr. Pants is releasing a new EP 4/28, which I can’t wait to hear. But until then we can just listen to Robot Spiders right here:

And yes, that is the link to download Robot Spiders for free. *winks*


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