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To condone, or not to condone: that is the question.

To condone means to overlook and accept as harmless a behavior considered immoral or wrong. It means to make allowances for a bad behavior without criticism.

When someone behaves in a certain way, a way you do not approve of or you feel it’s not appropriate, and you do nothing about it, you’re allowing it to happen. You’re looking the other way and pretending you didn’t see it. Therefore, when you’re lenient with objectionable behavior, you condone it. When you condone bad behavior, you allow it to take place.

If you condone dishonesty in the company you keep, what’s to stop you from becoming untruthful yourself? After all, we are known by the company we keep. And nowadays, with technology and all, we’re also known by the ones we choose to follow or befriend online. If you choose to follow a certain twitter account or a certain blog, and you allow that person to behave a certain way and say the things that person wants without doing anything about it, what does that say about you?

Be careful what kind of behavior you condone. Because that shows your character. And character is everything.

Be careful what you think…
Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your character
Your character is everything


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A bus ride to remember.

She woke up really early that morning to take a bus to another state. She got to the bus and just sat there, in her seat, waiting for the journey to begin. Because of the time, all she could see around her were the sleepy faces of barely awake people. Except for this one little girl running up and down the narrow corridor.

The child seemed pretty awake and happy. Two things the other passengers of the bus were not. Add that to the fact that the little girl was making noises in a small, confined area full of not-yet awake people, and you have a bus full of very irritated people.

No one said a thing, though. No one wanted to be the grumpy one calling the mother’s attention, telling her to control her wild child. No, they wanted someone else to do it. They would exchange glances with one another, turn around in their seats, an annoyed look on their faces, trying to show the mother how uncomfortable the behavior of her child was and how much that was bothering everyone around.

A few more minutes passed and people could barely contain themselves. Suddenly a woman at the back of the bus stood up, and with a very serious face said, “Disneyland, sit down right now!”

And with that everyone burst out laughing.

I hope Disneyland, wherever she is, continues to make people laugh to this day.

P.S.: What prompted me to write this story was the Stop! In The Name Of… Terrible Baby Names post. This is a true story, though. Couldn’t make that up if I wanted to.


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