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Dialectics, by Vinícius de Moraes

(Vinícius de Moraes)

It is evident that life is good
And happiness, the only indescribable emotion
It is evident that I find you beautiful
In you I praise the love of simple things
It is evident that I love you
And I have everything to be happy

But it so happens that I am sad…

(Vinícius de Moraes)

É claro que a vida é boa
E a alegria, a única indizível emoção
É claro que te acho linda
Em ti bendigo o amor das coisas simples
É claro que te amo
E tenho tudo para ser feliz

Mas acontece que eu sou triste…


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Hair is just that, just hair.

I’ve shaved my hair a total of three times so far. I was never completely bald, but my hair was about half-inch long. Or short. Whatever you prefer. But it was really short.

First time I shaved my head I was in high school. Probably not the best time of your life to change so drastically and do something so different from the norm. Or it can be the best time ever. Shaving my head gave me confidence and made me look at myself and see I was actually not that bad. I went from the quiet girl who barely talked above a whisper to the girl with a shaved head, wearing earrings all the time, daring to put on a short skirt, showing some cleavage and venturing with hair color. That’s when I started dying my hair red. At first it was just a tone of red, just to warm the color up a bit, but hair coloring is like a drug, and suddenly I saw myself wanting more and more till I got to the apple red I love so much.

Second time I shave my head it was to support a friend as well as to defy those who think they have more power than what they actually have. My friend wanted to shave her head, and because she knew I had shaved mine, she asked me to go with her. I did. She looked great and she was really excited. We talked about how people at work would react and parted ways. So when I got to work that night and saw her hiding, covering her head with a scarf, I was shocked. The thing was that our boss had told her to cover it up or she would be fired. The next day I had a surprise for him and I couldn’t wait for him to get there. I had shaved my head. When he got there I held my head up and said “So, do you like it, or do you want me to cover it up?” I knew I had the biggest smirk on my face, and I couldn’t care less. He knew he couldn’t scare me as he could scare her, so he did nothing. And from that day on she could just walk around proud of her shaved head.

The third time it was just because. Woke up missing my shaved head and decided I wanted it again. It feels really nice, soft, and it’s so much easier to wash and dry your hair when you have almost nothing. The problem is when it’s starting to grow, because not only you have to get haircuts very often, you also have to style it daily. Long hair is easier, since you can just put it up on a ponytail and that’s it.

But all in all, hair is just that, just hair. We can change its length, change its color, make it curlier or straighten it. We can do it all. And if we get a haircut we’re not happy with, we can just wait, it will grow back. Or if we’re feeling really bold, we can shave it all. It feels great.

Dare. Be bold or italic. Never regular.


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