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Music Time with Plastique

It’s music time! Oh, yeah!

The band from today’s post is a rock band from London called Plastique. They describe themselves as two Brazilians and a Brit who got together to make music.

Fabio Couto, Anelise Kunz, and Gabriel Ralls

Their sound is pretty cool. I like Stand Still, Heaven Falls, Butterflies, and so on. Girl of Prey it’s pretty awesome, and it’s one of my favorites, but my number one is still A Paper Cut From A Paper Kiss. Maybe because it was the first one I’ve listened to, I don’t know. In any case, here’s the song. Enjoy.

I’m not getting younger
I’m twenty-nine and I’m full of shit
Did you expect some kind of remorse?
A paper cut from a paper kiss
I’d say we’re more than even

P.S.: Right now they have a competition called The Plastique Butterflies Easter Egg Hunt and you can win a free album, you should check it out.


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