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Are You Up For the Challenge?

Long time no see (or is it read?).
Hopefully you’re not like me; breaking promises to yourself about writing more because you’re:
A.)   Reading five books at once, but still not working on your own.
B.)   Working more hours since you’re not in school.
C.)   Promising yourself for the thousandth time that tomorrow you’ll write.
D.)   Catching up on television series.
E.)   None of the above.
F.)   Other: _____________ (please place your excuse in the space provided)
Well, the answer to your muses’ prayers have been answered. There are two more weeks until the next writer’s challenge from Nanowrimo begins. This is their summer event, titled Camp Nanowrimo. The challenge is to write 50,000 words in the month of July. Unlike the November event, you won’t get anything for reaching said goal other than the satisfaction of doing it.
Finishing a rough draft that long that fast is really a reward within itself (and you can always take part in November’s Nanowrimo as well). After that, perhaps the fact that nearly every movie in the past two or three years has been from a comic book, novel, or revamp should spur you on to refine your story and turn it into the diamond you already know it is.
You owe it to yourself and your characters to complete their stories and make it the best that you can, but no one can sit you down with a pen/pencil/tablet/laptop/other device for writing. It has to be you, wordsmith.
Best of luck and as always, happy writing!

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Pink Fuzzy Animals? Really?

Disclaimer: What you’re about to read is my opinion, and therefore, it may differ from yours. However, I don’t claim to be speaking the truth, just voicing what’s inside of me. Feel free to agree or disagree on the comment section below. I’ll reply to every single one of them.

Remember when I talked about the confusion it was going on about a band’s name? Well, today I woke up to an even more unsettling news. The band’s name is now Pink Fuzzy Animals.

I’ll give you time to process the information.

Good? Can we keep going? Okay, so here’s my opinion: No, just, no. I have no idea what’s going on in their minds at the moment, but that name is just a no. The first thing that came to mind was “How can I tell people I’m going to a concert to see the Pink Fuzzy Animals play and keep a straight face?” There’s no way. Plus, it sounds like a band for children, don’t you think? Like Yo Gabba Gabba or The Fresh Beat Band. Actually, The Fresh Beat Band sounds more grown up than Pink Fuzzy Animals, in my opinion.

What were they going for with this? What does the name mean to them? Is this just an attempt to keep the fans interested in them? Do they really think that because most of their fans are females that we all like fuzzy and pink things?

First of all, I’m a girl who doesn’t buy pink. I just don’t. I’m not into pink and I never was. I do own a couple of things that are pink, but because they were given to me by someone, not because I bought them. I hate when I find something I like and they only have it in pink. To me, it’s demeaning to assume all girls like pink. We don’t. And that doesn’t make me any less feminine. I’m more of a red kind of girl.

Second, do they actually think a guy who has never heard of the band will actually want to go to a concert to hear a band called Pink Fuzzy Animals? I mean, I don’t want to have to say to people, “Ignore the name and give the band a chance because they have a great sound.” We shouldn’t have to say things like that.

Finally, although a rose by any other name would still carry the same scent, I do believe that a name says a lot about the thing it is naming. Pink Fuzzy Animals does not evoke Rock’n’Roll. Pink and Fuzzy remind me of toys 3-year-old girls like to play with.

P.S.: I still love their sound. I guess I just need time to get used to the new name. Maybe I’m in a cough syrup induced coma/hallucination and when I wake up this will all be nothing but a crazy dream.

P.S. #2: Just saw someone saying they typed Punk Fuzzy Animals by accident. That name would have been a lot better. I think.

Update: Regardless of my feelings for the new name, the band is still as awesome as it was before. As long as they continue to make good music, I’ll continue to listen to and support them.

Here’s their new single Shooting Star. Enjoy.

Update #2: The more I think about this whole thing, the more disappointed I am. I cannot believe they took the site down and that the twitter account was simply changed to something else. It’s like wanting to erase someone’s memory. The band did exist, they have a history, they have fans.


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How to be unprofessional. Because we should always learn from the mistakes others make.

Today I received some news that did not make me happy.

If you know the band 100 Monkeys, chances are you also know two out of the five members of the band announced, not too long ago, that they were not going to perform with the band for time being due to other projects in their lives.

Not too long ago we found out the two new members who would join the remaining three in their shows, in order to continue to perform the song their fans adored and even create new ones. I have not had a chance to meet the new members yet, so I can’t really comment on this subject.

But the news I received today was a bit more complex. Today all fans following the band’s twitter account received a tweet to check some news on their website. The news, written by the band’s manager, was saying that due to demands made by Jackson (Rathbone) and his lawyers, the band will no longer be named 100 Monkeys. They will, however, continue to play the songs the band used to play and which the fans grew so familiar with.

I’m sorry, but this piece of information did piss me off. And why? Because I do believe their manager was unbelievably unprofessional when delivering the information in such way. The post should have only stated that, due to reasons beyond their control (or simply unfortunately) the band would no longer use the name 100 Monkeys. That’s it! Naming the one “to blame” for it is not something any respectable professional should ever do.

That only came to reinforce my opinion of said manager. I never understood why they got her in the first place, and from talking to other people I know I was not the only one who disliked her. But still, I never expected her to disrespect any of the band member, whether or not he’s no longer a part of the band.

A note to the band’s manager: dirty laundry should not be washed in public. No one needs to know the behind-the-scene problems. Keep it professional. And respect others. Always.

A message to the musicians: Keep up with the good work. Your fans will keep supporting you. We truly appreciate your dedication and cannot thank you enough for all the good times. Thank you for all the shows, the laughter, the dancing, and the inspiration. We admire every single one of you for your talent and dedication. And we can’t wait to get more songs from you, guys.

P.S.: Tried to go to their website to check the news again and put a direct link to it here in my blog, and the site is “temporarily unavailable.” I wonder if they are rectifying her indiscretion.

Update: The links in this post are currently not working, since the website is undergoing some issues. However, if you do not know the band, you can check their wikipedia page to learn a bit more about them. I’ll soon make another post with songs, lyrics, videos, and all of that. And thanks to @BenevoLI, here’s a picture of the “news”:

Because some people need to learn to be more professional.

Update #2: Lani tweeted yesterday that she was not the one responsible for the information, that it was written by the band and she just posted. However, the post contained information that should not be released to the fans in such a way, and the position of the manager is to identify the possible implications of words written on the internet. Something you put on the internet will always be there. People have copies of it, whether you take it down later or not.


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