Easter with a touch of childhood memories.

31 Mar

When I was little Easter was a fun time. I remember following the Easter bunny’s paw prints around the house to find the place where he (you can’t call him it) had hidden my basket. The basket would always have a big chocolate egg. And by that I mean one of those:


Just a few examples of Easter eggs.

You can find them everywhere in Brazil (yes, I grew up there) and you find them hanging from the ceiling (or a support over your head) in grocery stores. All you have to do is pick the one (or ones) you want and grab them as if you were getting fruit from a tree.


Easter eggs are expensive, but walking into a supermarket and see all the eggs hanging above your head is priceless.

And if you have never seen the inside of one, they look kind of like this:


This is a homemade one. Yes, you can get homemade ones and they are simply delicious!

Of course the contents of the eggs differ from one egg to the next, but they are all hollow with candies (and sometimes also toys) inside. The chocolate on the outside of the egg also changes, matching the candy they are based on (some have peanuts mixed with the chocolate, some are white chocolate, etc.).

But they were not the only thing in my basket. There were also smaller eggs and a chocolate bunny. I always got a chocolate bunny. Maybe because when I was little someone stole my bunny, a chocolate one, so my mom decided to give me one every year to compensate. Who knows, the point is, it was magical.

But one thing was even more magical. The decorated egg shells. My mom would start collecting eggshells weeks (maybe months) before Easter  It was a tough job to get them ready. She’d break just a little piece at the bottom of the eggshell, just enough to get the egg out. Then she’d wash the eggshells, let them dry, and store them in an egg carton. Later she’d make sugar peanuts (or Easter peanuts, as we’d call them) and put them inside the eggshells. She’d use a tiny cupcake liner to cover the whole and keep the peanuts inside. Then she’d decorate the shells using watercolors and a paintbrush.


My mom’s ones had cupcake liners under them instead of egg holders, but they looked just like these ones.

Can we just take a moment to admire the artwork on those? I have to say I admire my mom’s dedication in using a tiny paintbrush to make the tiny details on the eggs. Nowadays with sharpies it would be a much easier job. Yay for that, right?

amendoim pronto

Here you can see the peanuts inside and the cupcake liners.

And now I’m a bit nostalgic. Gee, I wonder why, right?

How was Easter for you growing up? What things are part of your fondest memories?

Oh, yeah, and HAPPY EASTER, EVERYONE! Hope the Easter bunny leaves you a bunch of good moments to turn into sweet memories one day.


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3 responses to “Easter with a touch of childhood memories.

  1. Nerija S.

    April 1, 2013 at 10:05 am

    That’s a really neat idea, to have kids follow bunny paw prints to find Easter eggs! And I love the idea of going to the grocery store and picking chocolate eggs from the ceiling — yum!! Also, those are seriously beautiful designs that your mom does! That must take a lot of patience, just to get the yolk and everything out without breaking the shell, and then doing the designs.

    In my family, the Saturday before Easter, we always draw designs on hard-boiled eggs with wax (you heat beeswax in a miniature aluminum pie tin on a hot plate, and instead of brushes we use sewing pins stuck into the eraser end of a pencil) and then dye them. Here’s one image I Google’d: Ours usually aren’t that elaborate, though (I tried making one with some simple owls this year, and one covered with emoticons…because I’m definitely a child of the 2000s ^_^;; ). Maybe next year!

    My grandmother has another method where she first boils the eggs with red onion peels, so they all turn a brownish-red color, and then scratches designs onto the shell.

    On Easter morning (after taking plenty of pictures of the finished eggs) we have a little contest to see whose egg is the strongest. You take one of the eggs you designed and hold it in your fist so one end of the egg sticks out. Then you firmly tap it against someone else’s egg, or they tap their egg against yours, to see whose shell cracks first.

    • RedheadCarol

      April 9, 2013 at 6:16 am

      The grocery stores full of eggs are definitely fun. I love your eggs! They are so pretty. That’s a fun family tradition, of tapping the eggs. 🙂

      • Nerija S.

        April 9, 2013 at 10:16 am

        Thanks! Those eggs actually weren’t made by me; it’s just a random image I google’d for an example of Lithuanian Easter eggs. But it’s something for me to aspire to in future years!


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