The Hunger Games and the dystopian trend

08 Apr

A great post about the dystopian trend.

Hunger Games Fandom

We all know that The Hunger Games is a dystopian novel, as are many other YA novels that are popular right now and maybe even life itself?  Is our modern way of life falling into the dystopian catagory?  Not entirely sure about that, however the LA Times have released an article that hits on some interesting points and explores this new dystopian trend deeper.  Check it out below!

Hollywood can thank “The Hunger Games” for raking in the bucks – more than $250 million overall, with $61 million over the weekend – but word lovers can thank the movie for something else: the spread of “dystopia” and “dystopian.”

The words seem to be everywhere, popping up in news articles and opinion pieces on young adult fiction, visual arts, motion pictures (and not just “The Hunger Games”), hate-crime laws, video games, a trip to the gas station and an anti-President Obama…

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