Gotta love hotels.

05 Apr

Just read the Blog Improvement Fee post by Telling Dad. Awesome post. He twists a terrible experience into something you can’t stop reading and that makes you laugh. I smiled at the exchange with the border patrol agent, how could I not? But when I got to the giant Yo Gabba Gabba hats I couldn’t stop laughing. Hilarious.

I’ve also had some pretty great experiences staying at different hotels. I’ll never forget that one time I went to Washington DC and they got us a closet for a room. I think they were going for cozy. Or claustrophobic. Not sure which.

And don’t you love the fees they charge us? So awesome. Can’t wait for when they start charging us to breathe as well. I even imagine them asking “Ma’am, would you like to breathe our air or did you bring your own?” And as soon as you’d open your mouth to answer, they’d say “Too late, you’re already breathing our air. That will be added to your bill, along with all the other 37 fees. Enjoy your stay.”


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