The ever-growing “to read” pile.

22 Mar

From a very early age she already knew she loved books. She loved being read to and, later on, reading them on her own. The stories were magical to her, carrying her to a different universe, where nothing else existed but that moment.

She was always eager to go to a library or even a bookstore. They both had their charm to her. The bookstore with its impeccable books, with intact covers and unmarked pages, was a land of temptations. Unless your pockets were willing to cooperate, it was the land of wish-lists and quiet sighs. The library however, was a completely different land. It was the land of endless possibilities, with shelves upon shelves of enticing worlds to be discovered, to be conquered. Each book would whisper her name, urging her to reach for them, daring her to take a risk on a new adventure. And once she had started her adventure, time would cease to exist.

But she grew up, like all of us do, and life showed her that time was real and not always cooperative. She spent less and less time with her beloved books. She had responsibilities, deadlines, bills to pay. But she still tried to keep her love affair with literature. She enjoyed visiting the library and leaving the place with more than her hands could carry. She kept buying more and more books, adding them to her “to read” pile. She couldn’t resist it. She knew she wouldn’t possibly read all of them, there was not enough time, but she kept telling herself “one day” and the pile kept on growing.

The pile grew so big it had to be divided into separate smaller piles. And the piles started spreading around her house. There were piles in the living room, in the bedroom, in the dining room, even in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Everywhere you went there was a pile of books. They were all over her place.

At night, laying in bed, she could hear them, the books. She could hear them whispering to one another. She knew what they were doing. They were plotting; plotting a way to get her back. They were calling her name and urging her to go back to being the little girl who denied time and was not afraid of where they were taking her.


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One response to “The ever-growing “to read” pile.

  1. Pita Belli

    March 22, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    Eu também queria voltar a ter tempo para ler as pillhas de livros… às vezes também penso ouvi-los…


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