The book for intellectual misfits.

20 Mar

A few years ago I felt like a fish out of water. I mean, it’s pretty different to live in a city with a little over 170,000 people when you were born and raised in a city with a population of 1.75 million people. I felt like I didn’t really belong and was having a hard time. I couldn’t tell you exactly what was wrong, it just was.

One day, after learning that I was (again) falling behind on my assignments (one of the benefits of being a procrastinator) I said, “Oh, great. Should I kill myself now or later?” You wouldn’t believe the face my college professor gave me. He asked me if I was serious and I just know he was considering calling a counselor or a psychologist or something. Come on, people. I was obviously kidding. If I wanted to kill myself I wouldn’t announce it, I’d just do it. When you announce it you risk people coming and saving you before you get a chance of actually killing yourself.

But, he was worried. I was the odd girl with the apple red hair that obviously came from a box, not natural at all. I wish, though. By the way, I had never thought my hair was so different before, but after my new hairdresser (look at me, it even sounds like I go to the salon all that much) told me I was bold to choose such a vibrant color, and a friend chasing me around the corridors of a college building saying she knew it was me because nobody else has this hair color, I started paying more attention. Around here I am different. Still not sure I like that very much, but oh well.

Anyway, those little things, plus a thousand others, made me see I was too different from the people around me. Maybe I had chosen the wrong place to live. Maybe I was just too odd. And that made me sad. It made me miss home and all I knew. Made me wonder if I had made the right decision moving so far away to a place where I knew nothing and no one. It made me miss my friends, the people who understood my sense of humor. Made me want to move back to my country.

Because of that I ended up spend a lot more time on the internet. And that’s when I found a website written by someone who’s also not all that normal. Someone who also has a weird sense of humor and who is, sometimes, misinterpreted by strangers. And that has made all the difference.

Now I know that I’m not the only one. There are others out there who feel like fish out of water sometimes. Others who have a great, although often misinterpreted, sense of humor. And they all get together on the internet. The internet allows you to get in touch with people like you. Because no matter where they physically live, they all live just a click away.

And now this person who writes the blog that helped me see a world of people as crazy as me, is publishing a book. As soon as I found out I pre-ordered the book, of course. Who wouldn’t want to read a book written by a insanely amazing mind? A person with such a crazy sense of humor? So, here’s the video about her book:

Can it be April yet?


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