Longing for what was never ours to begin with

13 Mar

How can we suffer from losing something that was never ours to begin with it? How can that be possible? If it wasn’t supposed to be ours in the first place, how can the pain be so real as to stab us like this? Ripping to shreds our hopes of one day having what we’re not supposed to. Should we just resign to not having it? Should we just accept the pain of the absence of what we so much desired?
Maybe so. Maybe then we’ll find we were always in the right path.



One response to “Longing for what was never ours to begin with


    March 30, 2012 at 7:43 pm

    it’s this little itty bitty thing that captures our heart, rolls us in their arms, holds us tight when we are scared; it’s called love. yes, it is not ours to keep forever, that we know logically. but emotionally? that is where we sink, our hearts and head under water so we are simply drowning in misery when someone or something that we have loved is lost, has died, leaves. thank you for reading my blog on losing my best friend, losing my dog, callie, i still miss her terribly. was she mine to begin with? no, she was lent to me. just like kahil gibran talks of sons and daughters, they are lent to us, they are not given to us…..I enjoy your writing. keep doing it. thanks for stopping by my blog. Laurie at


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