How about if I put myself first for a change?

18 Feb

I need to stop trying to please everyone. It’s not healthy and it’s killing me. I’m often tired of trying to juggle things and leaving what I want last, just because there are lots of things I have to do for others, things I’m supposed to do, things others want done, and those other things always seem more important than my own things.

There’s always someone who wants or needs something. And this something has to be done. They may say “no rush, don’t worry” but you know, in the back of your mind, that you won’t be able to relax till it’s done. You know you have to do it, because that’s how things are. In the end, you’re your worst enemy. You put yourself in that position. How many times in a month do you let that happen? How many times in a week? Or in a day?

Well, enough of that!

I’m tired. I’m pretty much exhausted of not having time for myself. So for the next few hours I’ll turn my computer off, I’ll put my cell phone away, and I’ll concentrate on me. I’m going to take a long shower, put something nice on, something that will make me feel good about myself, and I’ll work on my story. I’ll write till my fingers can’t write another word. Then I’ll eat something yummy and maybe watch a movie to relax.

That’s it, today is Me Day. Now, go do something fun or good with only yourself in mind.

Happy Me Day, everyone!



One response to “How about if I put myself first for a change?

  1. Pita Belli

    February 18, 2012 at 6:19 pm



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