Let’s all be furiously happy!

12 Feb

I’ve been addicted to The Bloggess for quite some time now. Her blog is an inspiration to me. She taught me to always do something to make myself furiously happy, no matter what kind of bullshit is going on in my life. Life is full of disappointments but you know what? This is my life, and since I only have one of those (at least so far no one was able to prove me wrong), I’m going to enjoy it!

She taught me that I should scream “Wolverines!” more often, that I should wear a wolf skin to the movies, buy a giant metal chicken instead of towels, and that I should always tweet the zombie apocalypse. She also taught me to look for a cat named Bob Barker, and to get to know the saga of James Garfield. And most importantly, that we should all find a Red Dress and be Furiously Happy!

Sorry about the thousands of references, but it would be boring if I were to explain about them all. You can click on the links and get to know about all of them through the words of their creator, Jenny, the Bloggess.

As for me, I know that life is not, and never was, perfect or easy, and it did not turn out exactly as I had expected to. But I can, and I will, choose to be furiously happy! Always!


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